Lisa Elaine 'Jonesy' Jones

July 27, 2022

Lisa Elaine Jones (or “Jonesy”) once said, “just use hot soapy water.” That’s a lie, she said it enough to convince her children it would fix anything. So, when you find yourself remembering a time you spent sharing laughs at her charming home in Latta, know that woman used hot soapy water to clean her spotless floors before you came. Lisa’s fierce spirit is carried on by her three children: Audrie Michelle Morgan, Ashly Noel Ware, Jasmine Douglas; two surviving siblings, Shirley Tapp and James Jones; two pets, Gatsby (her little own Igor) and Frasier (the favorite); and friends from every walk of life. If you knew her, you probably learned at least one valuable lesson from her during her 57 years - Keep old T-shirts! Need a rag that you don’t necessarily want to get too dirtied up? Cut up that old college T-shirt you’re never going to wear again and voila! Need to dye your hair? Don’t ruin your towels, use that poorly cut shirt. But also: listen to the old Green Day because the “new” Green Day is thumbs down. Be the one who cooks the entire Thanksgiving meal because you know it’ll turn out best. Sneak midnight snacks to your grandchildren every time they stay the night. Listen to your daughter’s awful 80’s music during an entire two-hour trip just so you can hear her sing along. Travel, travel, travel! Put some flowers in your yard for your mental health. If your daughters make a fool of themselves in the grocery store, you try to top them. It’s okay to splurge and get hot fudge topping to go with your tub of ice cream. Don’t let others underestimate you - use your education to your advantage. Make sure to wrap some egg rolls in napkins and put them in your purse before you leave the restaurant - your dog will want them. Call the company you’re applying at every day until they hire you. Get a call from the principal in regards to your kid(s)? Go immediately and stand up for them, no matter what.

Lisa is reunited with her mother, Buena Jean Jones; and brothers, Robert Jones and Jimmy Jones and her favorite furry sidekick, Lola the cat. May she fly with the birds, swim with the dolphins, and grow with the tulips. And may she be smiling at you when that certain song comes on and her pretty face comes to your mind. Lisa Elaine Jones, you will be missed and loved forever.
A Memorial service will be held at 1 p.m. on Saturday, July 30, 2022, at Ray & Martha's Funeral Home in Carnegie, Oklahoma.